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Download Audecibel: Podcasts Player APK free

FREE Podcast Radio App - listen to any podcast for free - Education/News/Music.

Audecibel: Podcasts Player is a free podcast for android where you can discover and listen to the world’s podcasts. offering a super clean layout and easy to navigate interface. With millions of popular podcasts to choose from, you can stream or download your favorite podcasts anywhere, anytime for free.

• NEWS near your location,
• Trends in technology, medical, marketing, IT, Telecom or any other sector
• Sports update or your favourite team league commentary.
• Morning Motivation episode from your favourite podcast
• Listening to your role model, super star
From thousands of free podcasts from various categories, you can play and download any podcast.

• More than 50,000 podcasts and 5 million episodes on various topics to choose from:
★ Comedy
★ Education
★ Music
★ TV & Films
★ Religious, Christian
★ Arts
★ News & Politics
★ Motivation
★ Business
★ Society & Culture
★ Sports & Recreation
★ Games & Hobbies
★ Technology
★ Health
★ Science & Medicine
★ Kids & family
★ Fashion & Beauty
★ Arts & Design
★ Government & Organizations

• Podcasts are available in more than 50 languages including
English, German, Korean, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Italian etc.

This unique free podcast audiobook app enhance your podcast listening experience with powerful search, variable speed, customized and all the best podcast features:

Forward/Back - Play back and forward by 30 seconds while listening to Podcasts allows easy navigation.
Variable speed - Change the play speed from anywhere between 0.5 to 2x.
Easy Control from Home - Control Play and Pause from Home Screen through notification bar and Mini Player.
Favourites - Subscribe to your favourite Podcasts to manage them from one place.
Podcast Download - Download any mp3 you like in Podcast Player without any additional cost and limitation
Notified for New Episodes - Get notified about new episodes being added to your subscribed Podcasts.
Offline Listening - Download and save episodes for offline listening, without Internet. This helps users in big saving network data plan. It is like recording & listen later.
Playlist mode - Build up your own customized playlist for different scenes and moods.
Save data - You can change in setting to only download podcast on WiFi only.
Auto Play - Set option to auto play episodes one after the other, avoiding hassle to change episodes and helps in seamless listening experience. Its interesting features for long drives and long listening hours.
Resume Play - Set last episode to start playing automatically in next session.
Fast Search - Search for Podcasts if you don't find your favourites in Trending across categories, podcast episodes, languages, countries and geographies.
Share it - Share about your favourite episodes with friends and families.
Suggest a Podcast - You can suggest any podcast from the app or using through our support email.
Chromecast-enabled - Audecibel is a Chromecast-enabled app which lets you stream your favorite entertainment from your mobile device to your TV.
Sign In - Sign in with your account and access podcast from each device you have access to Audecibel: Podcast App

We are always available on email [email protected]

• For any new podcast currently not available.
• For any new category of podcasts.
• For any new feature you think is missing in this app.

Podcasters can reach us on email [email protected] to add/edit their podcasts in this app.
or register your Podcast here at:

Website Link:
Connect with us on Facebook:
Connect with us on Instagram:
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