CalcTape Calculator with Tape
6.0.7 (202003261009)
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6.0.7 (202003261009)
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universal Android 4.4
120 - 640dpi
Size: 6.89 MB
Certificate: ab84dc0d8510876ce020c3083694a59aebe6c45e
SHA1 signature: e93ccd4db395e7338892c8c755c54108610e6f75
Architecture: universal
Screen DPI: ldpi (120dpi), mdpi (160dpi), hdpi (240dpi), xhdpi (320dpi), xxhdpi (480dpi), xxxhdpi (640dpi)
Device: phone
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Download CalcTape Calculator with Tape APK free

Calculator thought from scratch!
Calculate, comment and correct instantly.

What happens if you combine a standard calculator App, a classic desktop calculator and a note App ?

CalcTape brings you the best of these and even more.
It is your companion for all daily calculation needs and easily masters all scenarios you can imagine.
CalcTape is NOT a scientific calculator, but do we need these in daily use ?

Ever did a long calculation with many figures and asked yourself:
"Did I enter the last figure correctly ?"
"The result looks strange somehow !"
With CalcTape you keep an overview, can check all figures and correct figures instantly inplace with
all subsequent results being adjusted automatically ! Missed a figure ? No problem: Just insert
it in the right place easily by entering a new line.

You can place the cursor everywhere you like in the calculation: It's like a note where
you can change anything you like in any place with the advantage, that changing numbers
or operators updates your calculation immediately!

CalcTape can be considered a "spreadsheet with a calculator interface".

You can also keep the calculation for your records (documents) and create templates:
Replacing the figures in your template and getting the correct results is a breeze.
Commenting figures and results gives sense to your calculations, so you can understand
what you did when viewing the calculation a month later.
Customize CalcTape to your needs and place only those buttons on your keypad that you really
need everyday. Create your own functions to e.g. add a specific percent rate with a tap on
a single button.

CalcTape comes as a basic free version and offers a Pro update.
The Pro version brings:
- Save your calculations into files
- Create own functions or text snippets to be entered when pressing a button (long press a button to enter the Button screen)
- Create own keypad layouts (change assignment of all buttons except numbers and backspace / change button sizes)
- Select between different keypad layouts (the "function keypad" contains no numbers and is nearly completely customizable)
to get more buttons or other functions, 2 keypads are directly accessible in the main screen
- Share your calculations using standard Android sharing capabilities, e.g. email
- NEW: Print your calculations
- NEW: Export as HTML (via clipboard or e-mail)

If you find any problem feel free to contact us. You can help us improving CalcTape Calculator by stating your Android version and smartphone model.

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What´s new

- added an option to select the sort-order of the document list (Pro-Feature)
- set font for the keyboard-buttons as some fonts do not support all unicode-characters needed
- changed french localization according to user suggestions (Thank you!)
- fixed an issue: sumlines at the start of a document could prevent CalcTape from starting
- fixed a problem with the standard french thousand-separator unicode character

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Updated in 2021-08-03
Size 6.89 MB
Current version 6.0.7 (202003261009)
Requires Android Varies with device
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CalcTape Calculator with Tape
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