Castelo Azul
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Type Variant Architecture Minimum Version Screen DPI
3 APKs
universal Android 5.1
120 - 640dpi
Size: 8 MB
Certificate: bea73be772f7ee37acd94d00edb2fd227de39fb7
SHA1 signature: 9857056289f05993be0a68703a653892d0a04224
Architecture: universal
Screen DPI: ldpi (120dpi), mdpi (160dpi), tvdpi (213dpi), hdpi (240dpi), xhdpi (320dpi), xxhdpi (480dpi), xxxhdpi (640dpi)
Device: laptop, phone, tablet
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Castelo Azul Delivery App

App de delivery da castelo azul restaurante e pastelaria
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Updated in 2021-07-27
Size 7.28 MB
Current version 1.1
Requires Android 5.1 and up
Content Rating Mature 17+
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Castelo Azul
Castelo Azul App
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