PhysicsMaster - Basic Physics Calculator Formulas
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33 APKs
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Download PhysicsMaster - Basic Physics Calculator Formulas APK free

Learn physics formulas and theory with physics calculator! Physics App 2020!

Hello Physics student!
Introducing PhysicsMaster, the app that allows you to solve your physics exercises with the best physics calculator.
PhysicsMaster allows you to acquire the basics of Physics and solve problems thanks to the PHYSICS CALCULATOR function on the practical pages of the app!
The physics calculator allows you to solve your exercises and checks:
- Enter your data (speed, acceleration, etc..)
- Tell us what you want to find (space, time, etc. ...)
- Calculate... And in one click you will be shown the steps and solutions to complete and solve your exercises.
Want to learn PLAYING? Then the Quizzes are right for you.
Questions about every topic in the app. Quizzes will help you learn physics while having fun.

Here are the topics in PhysicsMaster:
- Fundamental Quantities
- Quantities Derived
- Scalar sizes
- Vector sizes
- Measurements and Errors
- Systematic and Random Errors
- Random Errors
- Introduction to Kinematics
- Average and instantaneous speed
- Average and instantaneous acceleration
- Uniform Straight Motorcycle
- Uniformly accelerated motion
- Uniform Circular Motion
- Harmonic Motorcycle
- Introduction to the principles of Dynamics
- First Principle of Dynamics
- Second Principle of Dynamics
- Third Principle of Dynamics
- Introduction to Forces
- Balance
- Motion of a Bullet
- Moment of a Force
- Friction Forces
- Strength-weight
- Motorcycle Satellites
- Inertial Forces
- Harmonic Motorcycle of a Spring
- Work of a Force
- Power
- Motorcycle Quantity
- Kinetic Energy
- Potential Energy
- Laws of Kepler
- Law of Universal Gravitation
- Density
- Pressure
- Introduction: Thermodynamics
- Temperature and Heat
- Thermal Dilatation
- The Perfect Gas
- Changes in the State of Matter
- Principles of Thermodynamics
- Introduction - Wave
- Waves Types
- Periodic wave
- Sound wave
- Doppler effect
- Introduction - Optics
- The Light
- Reflection and refraction
- Lenses
- The electric charge
- Conservation of electrical charge
- Conductors and insulators
- Law of Coulomb
- Dielectric constant
- Electric Field
- Electric Current
- Electrical Resistance
- Laws of Ohm
- Electric Circuit
- Electromagnetic waves
- Mixed Circuit
- Introduction to Quantum
- The Planck constant
- Bosons and Fermions
- Quantum Entaglement
- Quantum Number
- Quantum Point
- Superfluidity

Integrate your notes with physics formulas and theory in PhysicsMaster - Basic Physics and create your physics dictionary. It's the ideal application for college and high school students.
Learn Basic Physics!
PhysicsMaster is waiting for you!

Let Physics be with you and your students!
Available in English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and Arabic.
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PhysicsMaster - Basic Physics Calculator Formulas
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