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Launch yourself into outer space, one bullet at a time

You're a star that's been shot out of the sky, and now you'll need to shoot your way up again. Sometimes when you shoot for the stars, they shoot back!

Shootin' Star is an endless platformer where you use a variety of guns to propel yourself upward. No ads, no micro-transactions, just endlessly replayable arcade action, high-score leaderboards to compete in, and a pile of achievements to unlock!
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Patch 1.1 Notes:
- Reduced area of effect for Storm Clouds by 8%
- Added a visual indicator that shows the max damage area of Storm Clouds
- Added a pause button in-game in the top right corner
- The Sign In/Out button has been moved up slightly, and a small input delay has been added so players don't accidentally toggle it when they don't want to.

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Updated in 2021-09-13
Requires Android 5.1 and up
Content Rating Everyone
Offered By Steven Lefcourt
Shootin Star
Steven Lefcourt
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Shootin Star
Steven Lefcourt
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