Whitebook Medicina: Prescrições e Condutas Médicas
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493 APKs
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Device: laptop, phone, tablet
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Download Whitebook Medicina: Prescrições e Condutas Médicas APK free

Complete medicine app with protocol, prescriptions, ICD-10 and more.

Whitebook Medicine is an application made for you, the doctor, designed to bring security and objectivity to your clinical decision. Developed by doctors, the more than 9,000 contents offer the specialized look of professionals from different areas at the reach of a click.

Want to know what you can find in Whitebook Medicine? The contents to answer all your doubts!
* Medications and Packages: quickly have all the information you need to safely prescribe various medications in your medical prescription: dosage, trade names, therapeutic classes, mechanisms of action, clinical use, types of prescriptions, adverse effects, information on geriatric uses and pediatrics and contraindications. There are more than 2,000 specifications in the digital booklet!
* ICD 10: See any ICD 10 disease code without complications.
* Diagnostic criteria: the app helps you to diagnose and clinically address diseases.
* Medical protocols and clinical protocols: you no longer need to memorize numerous procedures, just consult our medicine app and you will have complete information about the protocols to be followed!
* Medical Prescriptions: thousands of prescribing guides in different specialties, with guidance on the complete approach and brief summaries for outpatient treatment. Your prescription will never be the same!
* SUS: search the SUS exam and procedure codes by name and get the information you need.
* TUSS: You will also find codes for TUSS procedures by name.
* Medicine Calculators and Scores: Access to the most important medicine calculators and scores for clinical decision making, such as gestational calculator, respiratory calculator, pediatric scores and many more medical scores. Don't waste any more time racking your brain with calculations: there are more than 170 calculators and medical scores!
* Medical procedures, flows, routines and emergency medicine: consult the content prepared by doctors from different areas to understand in detail the context and stages of medical procedures, including emergency procedures and surgical procedures. Be sure to check out pediatric practices in our exclusive section for Pediatrics!
* Atlas: Do you need visual information to compare clinical exams? Atlases help you visualize everything you need, such as the ECG Atlas, which shows the behavior of the curve for different cardiac activities; or the Atlas of Orthopedics, which allows you to view examples of exams with different lesions to aid in your diagnosis.

Find out why Whitebook Medicina is the best partner on duty and decision-making (clinical decision):
* We are the largest medicine app in Brazil: 9 out of 10 doctors and medical students in Brazil use the app. There are more than 178,000 active doctors who use the application daily and consume about 16 million contents per month!
* Credibility: bibliographic references are constantly updated and based on scientific evidence, meeting strict quality criteria. We follow recent guidelines and international journals whenever possible.
* Trust: designed to give you the security you need in clinical decision making: the contents are produced and reviewed by a team of more than 40 specialist doctors.
* Agility: access content without worrying about the internet connection, instantly. Search for what you need without complications and with the agility that makes a difference in daily clinical practice.
* Expansion and continuous updating: we want to help you more and more to make the best decisions, and that's why our team is constantly updating the contents and creating new solutions, such as the new USG Guide to Beira-Leito.

Be sure to download and use Whitebook Medicine now and try it all for free!
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Updated in 2021-09-09
Size 130.24 MB
Current version 9.2.1
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Content Rating Everyone 10+
Offered By PEBMED S.A.
Whitebook Medicina: Prescrições e Condutas Médicas
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